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I am nto sure if this is what you are talking about as you are using some terminology of which i am not familiar, but to set the air/fuel mixture for the AIR FLOW SENSOR:

1. Disconnect the O2 sensor at the plug. Observe volt meter reading and place a piece of tape on VM dial to mark position of needle. This is the 50% duty cycle position
2. Reconnect O2 sensor. The needle will fluctuate somewhat but should be centered around the 50% mark of the VM ( 50% =/- 10%) if it doesnot, then adjustment is nessary
3.Remove the plug from the mixture control uniut ( between the fuel distibutor and the A/F sensor funnel) insert a 3mm allen head wrench and adjust A/F mixture screw by pushibg down until the spring loaded adjuster engages with the adjuster screw in the air flow sensor arm. After each adjustment, rev the engine a little to allow the sensor plate to normalize before checking the meter reading
4. Adjust until the reading is centered around the 50% mark on the dial
5.Remove test equipment and replace plug on AF sensor

Hope this is what you wanted.
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