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94 C280 starting help needed!

Hey guys,

This mission is almost accomplished. The car has been completely refurbished, it looks like it's brand new. New sports tires (like the BMW M3), AMG rims, fresh blue Mercedes leather, new wood trim and joystick, buttons, all season floormats, upgraded 99 Mercedes-Benz stereo, the works.

New Mercedes water pump was ordered and delivered. This baby will be on the road by Saturday evening. I need one more thing from you guys!

The engine turns over when I attempt to crank it, so I know that my starter is fine. Therefore, I ordered that brand new Mercedes C280 starter for nothing. It's just sitting here in the box; I guess I'll keep it or sell it. If anyone needs it, please send me an email:

Anyway, once the car cranks it rides wonderfully. However, my last problem is that whenever I start it, I have to relentlessly give it gas in order for it to crank. I put the key in, it makes noise like it's choking...then as I push on the gas pedal some it cranks up and starts running. What the heck is it?

Please help me. I don't think it is the fuel filter because if that were the case, the overall ride would be bad. To the contrary, once I get it started it rides like a beauty. This baby glides. It's the process of STARTING it that annoys me. Having to sit there and pump the gas pedal in order to get it cranked. It sounds like a sick baby, like it's stopped-up or something, then I push the pedal and give it a thump on the lungs and it coughs out whatever is in the throat. However, this happens each time I crank, haha.

Help, please.

....I have a buddy who works for the Mercedes dealer coming out on tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. He does the "roadside maintenence" so he and one of their new M-Class' which they use for roadside will be in my yard, doing some work for a "friend" tomorrow afternoon.
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