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I'm betting the problem is listed below and I simply need a dose of NUMBER 1!

Understanding Fuel Injector Cleaners

The biggest fuel additive category is fuel injector cleaners, a category that has had dramatic growth over the past ten years, largely at the expense of gas treatments and carburetor cleaners. Not only are consumers buying more fuel injector cleaner products, but the number and types of products has increased as well. Not all fuel injector cleaners are made the same.

There are basically four types of fuel injector products now available. The first type is the "one treatment" product that contains a large amount or high concentration of detergent to clean injectors with one tankful of gasoline. Quantum® Fuel Injector Purge from Gold Eagle or 104+ Fuel Injector Cleaner are examples of this type of product. The purpose of this type of product is not to "keep clean" the injectors but rather to "make clean" the injectors. Unless an injector is totally clogged so no fuel can pass through the pintal area, this type of cleaner will eliminate 99% of the problems associated with fuel injector deposits. After the consumption of one tank of fuel that has been treated, fuel injectors will be almost as clean as they were when they came from the factory. One treatment products usually cost between five and ten dollars. If you have been lax in taking care of your fuel injectors, or if you have purchased a used car and don’t know its maintenance history, you may want to use a "makes clean" or "one treatment" type of fuel injector cleaner.

The second type of fuel injector cleaner is a reduced effectiveness product that cleans most fuel injectors with one tankful, but in some cases, may take two or three treatments to get the proper cleaning to eliminate driveability problems. These products offer an alternative to the more expensive one treatment products described above. These products typically sell for between two and five dollars. The third type of fuel injector product is a lower concentration product that primarily keeps injectors clean. Regular use of this "keeps clean" type of fuel injector product will prevent significant build-up or clogged fuel injectors in the first place. For someone who sticks to his or her vehicle maintenance schedule, this type of "keeps clean" product would be perfect for you. These products are less expensive than the fuel injector products previously mentioned. Remember, addressing any driveability problems that you are currently experiencing due to the long-term build-up of fuel injector deposits is better handled with a "one treatment" concentrated-type of cleaner.

The fourth type of fuel injector cleaner is one designed to be a complete fuel system cleaner. This type of product cleans the entire fuel system, including injectors, carburetors, intake valves and the combustion chamber. You can find complete fuel system cleaners on the market starting around ten dollars a bottle.
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