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hey guys just this morning i took my car for an oil change and i asked the guy to replace the fuel filter too it took him not even 10 mins and he charged me 10 dollars for it WHAT a great difference in ride now cant belive it and if u have seen my earlier posts regarding unstable idle even the dealer was unable to fix that problem well today i m glad to tell u guys that its been solved it was due to a clogy fuel filter and the dealer said that he had to replace the supressor witches
NO DOUBT its a DIY job(if u dont mind getting sprinkled by the fuel or if u have the right toolsz) but for me it was worth it 10 dollars atleats i stayed on the side looking while this guy replaced it
QUESTION ...what is a MAX life on a fuel filter i have a 1993 400 e
thanks guys once again for all ur help
mani :p
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