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Benz recall campaigns are a little tricky
They don't send out a recall, but rather , they tell the dealers that if a car is in for service, to check the date numbers on the egr and if it is in that production, to change it.
The car can be there on an EGR complaint or just routine service...
They do this on a few issues, rather than owner notification as one sees w/other manufactures..
The part # was not changed, just a production date coded ones were either defective from the manufacturer or there had to be a tolerence change during production [ my assumption], as the complaint was 'STICKING'..
If the dealer found any, they were to RED paint dot them so other dealers knew the new part was installed....
So, I guess it is up to them, sort of..
Gilly might be able to help on that info...
As you can see, I no longer list that jpg [ I have no space]
But , if you would like a copy, email me and I will send one out in jpg for ya..
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