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Anyone in Miami,FL area got an OBDI and/or a Multimeter??

Hello Board,
Does anyone live in the Miami,FL area on this board and can help me run a diagnostic on my car?? The shops in my area want to charge me big$$ to diagnose my cars condition. I think that the previous owner of my car must have tampered with my fuel/air mixture. The car idles relitavely smoothly(sometimes),and it smokes(blackish,running rich?) and the exhaust smells heavily of gasoline. I feel that the car must be guzzling extra fuel to cover up othr problems.I have a feeling that my car is in fact running rich(or lean??), but the mechanics want to charge me an arm and a leg. If it is possible,can anyone help me out with readjusting the mixture and diagnosing any other problems??
1987 mercedes 300E
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