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Originally posted by Frank Quinones
Thanks Suginami.

You are wealth of knowledge on these cars, I have read many a post from you. We have identical cars, I have 141,000 currently. Next time i have a question i can hit you up directly.

Thanks again.

Yes, we do have the same car. I have learned almost everything from this website on these cars, as well as experiencing about every weakness that our cars have.

I now have almost 146,000 miles, and the car is in tip top shape. It is routinely mistaken for a nearly new car. I have however, had to replace a lot of parts, including (but not limited to) the head gasket (did valve job, too), replace the engine wiring harness, replace the throttle actuator (ouch!), replace the mass air sensor, replace the upshift delay valve, replace the radiator, replaced two water pumps, and about every radiator hose and heater hose in the car.
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