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Chris -

I didn't really mess with the cables, but I made sure that they weren't caught on anything and could move freely.

Before I fixed it the car would always start in first gear. That's the first reason I suspected the kickdown switch.

The car acted strangely under normal conditions. The car would be in first gear up to about 3500 rpm and then it would have a very hard shift. Right after the shift it felt like nothing had changed and it was still in first gear. I decided that this was because the car transmission still thought I had the kickdown switch on so it would immediately switch back to first gear.

Anyway, all I did to fix it was mess with the accelerator plate and make sure that the kickdown cable would return to it's original position after being activated.

Good luck and I hope that you don't have major problems.


1988 300e
1988 420sel
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