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rear axle ratio 500SEL/126


I live in Germany and have a US-500SEL (1985). Actually I am repairing a few things on the rear axle. Now I'm wondering about my differential. I'm not sure if the mounted one is the right one for my US-car. The rear axle ratio is 1:2.24. In US-brochures I read about a ratio of 1:2.47, but on a US-owners-manual-CD I read that there should be a differenzial with a ratio of 1:2.24 in all 500SEL from 1981 to 1985.

At last the US-EPC says my car should have a ratio of 1:2.47.

Who can help me? I think that the pre-owner of my car installed a wrong differential. I'm very sure that they used 1:2.24 on Euro-500SEL's, but for US-models???


Micky McBenz
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