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I found the LED indicator in front of where the battery would be if it was in the front of the car - when I pushed the buttom the LED on #4 illuminated - no # of flashes, etc., just the number 4 slots lights up.

Do a search on code flash procedure . there are tons of them

I will try to explain it to you

First thing to know is that the Led is simply Mounted IN the #4 slot/socket...just where they put it..

So, now you turn key ON
Hold button and LED will come ON [ you got this far]
Hold for 2-3 sec
release button
Code Flashes will come back to led --count them
Repeat this procedure til the number of flashes come back to the first flash sequence [ in other words, every time you do this a higher number of Flashes will come back --ie 3, 7, 10, 21 ,34 ,etc
when 3 [ the first flash in the example] comes back , the computer has gone through the cycle and you are done.]
Write each one down..
Unforunately, you now have no codes cuz you erased them, but they will return
If you get 1 flash. there are No codes stored

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