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Having owned Mercedes wagons for over 18 years, I have my good share of repairs with the self-levelling rear suspension, especially that most of the roads here are horrible.

On my '81 300TD (S123) the dealer changed most of the system, but I will have the mechanic check first the modulation valve attached near the rear differential. This valve proportions the oil that is being pumped from the engine compartment to the left and right struts. This is the most common part to go out first, and usually the one that disrupts the rest of the system.

Then, check the oil overflow tanks (a black ball near each strut) and finally the struts themselves (if they are leaking, there is no hope: a new one is the only way to go).

Finally, have the oil pump in the engine compartment checked (this item is very durable and it seldom malfunctions).

I will advice against a DIY job, since the self-levelling oil is pumped at an incredible high pressure, and you need special tools to calibrate and measure the system (a qualified mechanic is the best way to go).

Although it is not advised anywhere in the manual, is good practice to change the oil in the system every four years or so.

By the way, there is no replacement (like trying to convert the system to the regular sedan setup) for this suspension.

Hope this info is helpful.

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