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If you don't want to save the rotor (they are being replaced) whack evenly front, edges and back.

Keep in mind not too hard so you don't damage the wheel bearings. I have found hitting the face in the lug nut area works well. Also dribble some pentrating oil around them.

Be sure to use a metal hammer. A plastic one is just too gentle.

I have learned that it isn't how hard you whack it, it is how much. All you have to do is to get one microscopic section to break free.

I was told years ago when I was wrenching and ran up against a stubborn rotor to think it will take 500 whacks to get it off. It came off after about 40.

To make it easier in the future, I suggest using a light film of anti-sieze on the mating surfaces. Anti-Sieze because it takes high temperatures well.

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