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I found this pic while doing a search here on this BB. This is not my engine but it is a good sample shot. I labled it to show where my boost gauge line is installed. It is a standard SAE pipe thread I discovered today.

Here is what the engineer who designed the LP set up I have comming to me said about using this port for serveral purposes, including the boost gauge.

The boost gauge port is the ideal place; a tee will be fine, or even two of them. The propane and water (injection) will have the max run length possible to evenly disperse. The propane is a gas of course, and will mix completely. The water will rapidly vaporize because of the heat and do likewise.
I most likely wont do water inject at this time. Maybe Alcohol/Water someday "only if" it can replace effects of the LP. Just thinking that if say I ever venture onto a major excursion like heading toward the tip of South america.. LP will be harder to find than 99% alcohol!

My wonder is; is not pressure is going OUT this port to the boost gauge. So would that not mean that anything (or some of anything) that is injected here,go out toward the gauge and not into the intake?

Im also little concerned of LP leaking out into my cab at the gauge. NO SMOKING. The LP is intended to only be used for up hill climbs in my 5.5ton MB

Any comments on my wonderings and concers will be greatly appreciated
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