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Hey suginami, the picture you posted of the steering wheel/ shift knob is nice. My new ride's interior is the same color ( cream beige? ). The exterior is black, and the paint is in excellent shape. The hand-painted pinstripe is still crisp, no chips in the front bumper or headlights, and the wheels have no curb damage whatsoever. The car has had dust shields since it was new. All the interior wood is like new. There's some minor wear at the drivers' seat back-rest, but other than that it's quite clean. The car has 101K miles on it. The previous owner took very good care of it. My list of things to do is pretty short. Other than the engine harness and maintenance items, the L/R window regulator needs to be replaced. Also the belt-tensioner shock is shot. I'll give it a good cleaning this weekend and then take it on a nice long drive. Thanks again
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