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day one of evap project

I got started and jumped right in. Pulled both airbags, radio, center console, climate controls, instrument cluster (friggin pain in the butt to remove), front carpet and kick panels and started to remove the main dash portion. I need to buy a 10mm allen drive to remove the steering wheel. I thought it would be a 10mm nut holding the wheel but it looks like a 10mm head allen bolt

I have about 5 hours into it.

I had alot of trouble with the instrument cluster. I tried to push from the left speaker budge. I tried some homemade hooks made from a coat hanger..just kept bending but with some success. I finally pulled the lower most dash on the driver side and was able to push from below.

I've been using zip lock bags to hold removed items and I am wrapping screws and bolts with tape and marking them with a corresponding number from the location it came from. Some numbers I use a black sharpie marker and other areas I need to use a "white out" pen.

I'm tired after a long week at work and a full evening of this. Stay tuned for an update tomorrow night.

So far nothing out of the ordinary. A car is a car when reduced to nuts and bolts I just need to stay organized and keep labeling as I go.
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