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Father used to say use your brain and stay out of trouble. He also said trouble starts after the sun goes down. Driving involves speed, turning and braking. After dark, it is twice as difficult to judge speeds, braking and distances of other drivers which means you have placed yourself and your car at higher risk of collision.

Twice as many collisions/crashes occur between the hours of 3:00 PM and 6:00 Pm on FRIDAYS versus the rest of the week.

Your chances of getting pulled to the curb by PD for a "DUI enforcement stop" after 8:00 PM on both Friday and Saturday night are quite high. Once the cops pull you to the curb they are highly motivated to "find something wrong" which means $$$$$ out of hip national bank and/or a night, two or three in jail.

Reason #98 to get your business done during DAYLIGHT HOURS.
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