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Ok larry. I discussed this with my wife. She doesn't know much about cars, however, since she's the one driving the MB and really likes it and want to keep it, I will order new rings and put them on. I will need help. I have never done this before. How to use a ridge and a ring compressor? How to pull them out, put the ring and so on. Those done this before, please participate and help me. I will be very careful and do one at a time. Those that are on TDC will be first (1&6) then (2 &4) and finally (3 &5). I will need to know the torque on the bolts. The set made by Geotze goes for $171. By the way, when I look them up on Fastlane for example, I am given two choices:


which one do I use and what is the difference? It's a 93 190e 2.6L engine

1993 190E 2.6
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