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You first need to remove the corner turn signal by pressing the release tabs from the inside of the engine compartment. Then fold down the wiper, unbolt the arm and pullthe washer hose off the nipple. Raise the hood and remove the small metal trim that is below the headlight, it should be held on by one bolt that is accessable while the hood is up and then the other two are in the corner where the turn signal is. After that unbolt the three bolts that hod the head light in and then the plastic nut ontop.
Carefully remove the headlight assembly, notng the position of the wiper motor and the washer fluid lines. Disconnect the lights by thier respective plugs. Lay the headlight on a towel and remove the plastic trim by the top two clips and the bottom two clips. You will then see the clips that actually hold glass lens in place.
Good luck and take your time.
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