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Unhappy HELP!! A/C blower went out today!! Its hot!!

85 degree heat outside, so guys - help me out here.
The car is 93 500SEL (w140, m119)
Last time I drove the car everything was working fine, A/C and blower was working. This morning I started the car, set the temp and got zero response from the blowers - they are totally dead in all modes (defrost, cool, EC), nothing, ZIPPO. I just hear a relay or something clicking unde the passenger kick panel (or near there) everytime I turn on the A/C. I know the a/c is fine because when I drive fast I get this residual air flow (only barely noticeable when I put my hand to the vents).

I checked the fuses they all look fine, but I can't find any relays.

Where do I look? I am cooking here...
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