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Yeah I saw that too. Frankly it's a steal! If a set of brake pads cost $6000 and a set of rotors cost $24,000, sixty bucks for a quart of oil is a relative bargain, don't you think.

I also note that the Enzo has rubber timing belts, just like a '72 Vega. Wow, ain't that hi-tech! It's all part of the welfare program Ferrari owners have to participate in as a cost of ownership to support the dealer service departments with complicated and expensive maintenance.

I could have a lot more fun vintage racing a 2-liter Chevron or Lola. It could lap Willow Springs faster, and I could do most of the maintenance myself as I've always considered wrenching part of my car hobby.

The world is full of a lot of people who seem to have more money that sense.

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