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BTW, 223,000 miles is pretty good life for an auto-box. You got your money's worth so far...
I guess so, but with all the bad talk about the 3.5 diesel I thought I would bend a rod first.
I will know Monday but I think the dealer told me that the factory rebuild had a 3 year warranty. That is one way to go but probably the most expensive. The second would be to install the factory rebuild myself -- I guess it would still have the 3 year warranty but don't know. The third would be to let a local shop rebuild mine. I called today and they said they have done S-Class trannies before. The overhaul kit in fastlane is $215. I don't know what other parts would be needed in addition to this. Still thinking but will have to do something fast. Reverse is slipping bad and when it engages, there is a bad clunk. I am no transmission expert but I cannot think of anything I can do to fix this other than overhaul. I did a search on the forum and probably think it is a worn band or disk.
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