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Question How long doe Mercedes Brakes Last?

I recently bought a new E500 and I'm thrilled with it. I've put 8,500 miles on it. My co-worker has a ML430 that's more than a year old. She said that her brake pads needed to be replaced before she had 10,000 miles on the vehicle. She thought that was just a fluke. But in another 10,000 miles she needed to have them replaced again. When she confronted the dealer, he
said that the ML uses special pads that wear out at about 10,000 miles, but give superior stopping power. He also said that her discs would need to be replaced at the 3rd pad replacement. The discs cost $1,000. While I understand that pad life is tied to driver use of the brakes, still 10,000 miles sounds like very, very short life. Is her dealer telling her the truth, that an average, Mercedes ML brakes only last 10,000 miles? Is this what I should expect on my E500?
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