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prechambers burned


I took out my prechambers because the seals were leaking. when I had them out I found that #3 and #5 had thier tips and center ball burned out. does anyone know what may have caused this? looking down into the cyliner looks fine and there is no oil on the pistons to indicate a hole on the top. would seem that the metal ate away slowly and caused no damage. the car would start right up with no problems, would idle a little rough. didn't have much power to drive but would throttle ok sitting still. I had just bought this car and have no history on it. need to replace the filters and check the injecters. someone had messed with the injecters already, they had tool marks on thier sides and #3 didn't have a heat shield under the injecter.

now I will need at least two prechambers for my 84 300TD turbo. anyone have some for sale?

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