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260e window fuse keeps blowing

My 1989 260e driver side (and rear passenger) window fuse keeps blowing.

I found one other post that addressed this issue - but there was no response as to the final fix.

I did (about a month ago) swap rear left console switch with the front left switch, as it had pretty much worn out.

Can one of these console switches cause fuses to blow?

What other items could cause this? Regulator? Motor?

I have a hefty bag pulled over my open window now in the driveway - and it looks like rain. I really want to get this window up before work tomorrow. I have to drive through the toll-booths on the PA turnpike, and lifting a garbage bag to take my ticket and pay my toll will not be fun- so if anyone can help this father out on this father's day project ASAP, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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