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Angry Now I am peeved...

I have a 1983 380 SEL that keeps dying on the road, when I slow down. Nearly every time it will do it. If I do a panic stop, it dies. If I do much more than rest my foot on the brake, it dies.

I replaced the fuel filter and it no longer bogs down on takeoff on first go, but on subsequent ones untill I put about 5 miles on it, and get it up to full operating temperature for about 5-10 minutes. During normal running, it shows no ill signs during straight runs. Only when I take off at a stoplight (sometimes) and stop. It has even died when I took my foot OFF the gas. These things I just described it did before the replaced FF as well.

{cue rant}

I am getting quite disgruntled at all the money my car is suddenly requreing of me. I had the AC diagnosed as well when I had my fuel filter replaced, and my indie said that it was the used push button unit they put in there that made my AC not function. They will credit me the cost of the used unit, but not the labor. I am not mad at them, but at the supposed reliability of my car.

The Berretta in my sig did this to me, only the clutch went 3 weeks after I bought it. It sat on their lot while I had to borrow cars to go to their f**king lot and give them the payments. They then stuck me for a starter that I didnt ask for. (I know, I shouldnt have paid)

{end rant}

I will conclude my question to the techs with an appropriate emotional response: AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! Wow, I do feel better now that I screamed. odd.

Any help would be quite appreciated.
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