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Still have a "bumpy" idle

I've had rough idle problems on the 300TE since I got it. This week I've started working on it again since Mom was complaining it was very rough -- I don't drive it very often.

Sure enough, it was VERY rough. I'd already bought engine mounts, so put those in (an adventure, I dropped one of the lower bolts into the crossmember, took a while to fish it out, don't ask!).

I also got a duty cycle meter and set the mixture to 50% at pin 3 of the X11 plug, this helped quite a bit. Runs very smooth off idle, has way too much power (I was test driving it and flew past the State Police post at 75 in a 55 -- forgot it has a 160 mph speedo instead of a 140, was looking at the wrong marks!).

However, I still have a very rhythmc thump and vibration, almost like I have a dead miss in one cylinder. I replaced the secondary ignition parts two years ago, everything looks fine, duty cycle is stable, so what gives?

I've put a bottle of Techron in the half tank of fuel, will run it though and see what happens in case I have a drity injector, but what's next? Injectors? Can't imagine how a bad fuel distributor could cause a regular idle vibration.


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