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My car is going to my mechanic tomorrow due a rough idle and hard starting (yes, it is a 86 300E). I took it there a couple of weeks ago a he recommended to change the fuel injectors, after doing a few tests, including a compression test, which was high? around 180 across the board. I did get new brass injectors. The problem continues...Last night I did the water on the plug wires test and I saw "some" sparks before and after the water including the ignition coil. The fuel pump is noisy also. My question is: am I suppose to see ANY sparks? Wires are bosch and about 2-3 years old. I will do the resistance test later on tonigh but, I would like to have some ammunition tomorrow for the mechanic. I do not want to change all the parts in my car to find a problem...
Sorry for the lenght of this note but I though it was necessary. If this time it does not work I will make an appointment with Steve in Gainesville, Fl.
Thank you!

'86 300E
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