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Day 3 about 4 hours. Removed old compressor and bolted up new one. Kind of a funky belt tensioner setup. The allen bolt holding the hoses to the compressor was awfuuuuuly tight.

Removed the box assembly with the evap, blower and heater core. We put the new evap into the box assembly and I've decided to order a new heater core. The old one is not leaking but I figure since it's essentially the same labor I might as well replace the part now. Because of this I'll be delayed unitl next weekend before I can finish. I'll have to spring for a rental for my wife to use during the week.

Thank to my friend Crickett for helping out today. Its great to have a professional mechanic as a good friend He was able to calm me down and work out a few items that I was stressing about.
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