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Well the results are in: My Benz is Back!! I've been driving it all weekend and it's like a brand new car. Not only has the ticking gone away, but it has MUCH more power than before. It's almost too responsive, if you can believe that. With first-gear start (S mode) the thing jumps off the line like a jackrabbit. I took a highway drive and got lots of tingly feelings in my groin as I jumped from 60 to 120 in a matter of a few seconds. What a machine...

An update on the cost. I have the paperwork right here.

Valve Cover Gaskets: $80.00
Oil Tubes (Aluminum): $240.00 ($15 ea.)
Upper Rails (4): $30.00
Injection Cleaner: $70.00

Total Parts: $420.00

Replace Connectors: $300.00
Injection Cleaning: $75

Total Labor: $375.00

Job total: $795.00

I also had the trans. serviced for $183.00 which seems reasonable. I think the power loss was definitely a result of the lack of oil pressure, but I was curious if anyone knows about a product called BG 44K. The mechanics left a tag saying that I needed to fill the tank immediately and that over the next 400 miles I would notice an improvement in power and fuel economy. Just wondering what this might be.

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