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What condition are the idle control valve hoses in? Mine were rock hard, and although they looked fine, were actaully loose on the idle control valve barbs, so that they were sometimes loose and sometimes not.

If bad, replace, and clean the idle control valve when you do -- when the hoses leak, it gets dirty, and will tend to be slow to respond, so that you get a stall when stopping quickly.

I'd also check the current at the EHA just to make sure it's working OK, too.

Problem is, whatever the cause of the stalling and hard start appears to be intermittant, so all the checking in the world won't give the correct answer if it isn't going on when you check....

OVP relay is also a commone cause here -- what happens is that the current flow to the EHA gets controlled by a bad connection in the OVP rather than the computer, so the mixture goes haywire. Quick diagnosis is to tap the relay (behind battery, the one with a fuse on top). If it immedialtly works properly, or gets worse, replace relay.

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