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Proportional to right feet??

Originally posted by Jackd
at 256K on the clock, my 1989 260E has so far eaten 3 sets of front brake pad, and 2 sets of rear pad so far in its life. One set of front rotors, rear rotors are still original, never been turned.
I never used anything but OEM brake pads.
Brake life is directly proportional to the action of your right feet.
Jack, I've heard of two left feet, but two right feet? Not much of a dancer huh?

Seriously, having gone the "high performance" brake pad route, I will also attest to the "better off with factory parts" mantra.

I got nearly 50k on my first set of factory pads on my 98E, and they were not all highway miles. The car is driven in town almost exclusively.

As for the $1000 brake job on the ML.....must take them 10 hours at $75/hour plus parts:p
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