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It may very well be your last, certainly your last new Benz diesel. With our illustration and genius politicians pushing the sulpher out of the diesel fuel and tightening the limits on diesel emissions, it looks like even the excellent 1.9TDI diesel in the Jetta and Beatle, and maybe even used in the Audi are an endangered species.

What really boils me is the removal of sulpher from diesel fuel. These politicians and tree huggers think that they're such geniuses. What's happening is when removing the sulpher, you remove the lubricity from the diesel fuel. To keep from knocking out injection systems in older diesels without hardened components, people add oil to their fuel which puts back in 100 times more sulpher than there was in it to begin with.

Your genius tree huggers at work. You can thank them for diesel extinction.

Good luck,

Larry Bible
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