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Many consider it unfortunate that the diesel engine is being phased out of production for use in the US by many (most) car manufacturers. But due to tightening of the US emissions standards, manufacturers are dropping diesel engines from their US lineup, simply because the engines don't meet the ever tightening US emission standards. Although some will, as was suggested above, add oil to their engines to offset the reduction of additives in diesel, the almost immediate elimination of several million new diesel engines sold for use on US roadways, followed by tens of millions more reduced by attrition, will permit a substantial reduction of pollutants. The reduction of additives will have a bad effect on many (most?) diesels around and hasten their elimination from the roadway. In 10 years, give or take, there will probably be 90% less diesel powered vehicles on the roads than there are now as a consequence. Except, of course, for the 240D, as they'll run forever

While any conscionable person would feel for those who will be adversely affected because of this, and in the end, we'll all pay more for anything having to do with transporting goods & services as a result of this change, only an idiot would blame Congress for taking a positive step to reduce pollution… In fact, it is merely the next of many steps that will take place in the next 10 to 20 years to SUBSTANTIALLY reduce pollutants from automobiles. The sad truth is that we as individuals won't do it ourselves, so our government takes steps to force us to do the right thing. If you don't think so, go downtown and take a deep breath during rush hour, and think about it…

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