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I recently had my 740 IL trans rebuilt by a gentleman in Michigan. I and many others consider him an expert in both BMW and Mercedes transmissions.

This is how the rebuild process went:

- Had a local shop remove my trans and convertor.

- Snagged a used pallet from a local store who throws them out.

- Used some rope to secure the trans to the pallet.

- Kurt (@ European trans) had a carrier pick the trans up. Truck was an enclosed 18 wheeler type. (He pays for shipping to his shop...charged $125 to ship back from MI to NJ)

- Replaced all wear items (ZF), repaired any damage, refilled with VERY expensive BMW specific trans fluid and dynoed the trans. It is very important to dyno the unit. This machinery and testing closely mimics driving conditions and can identify any issues before the unit is shipped back.

- Unit came with a 2 year warranty..on parts & labor (he'll pay a shop to remove, ship, he fixes, ships back and pays to reinstall-within reasonable limits). He also is more than happy to provide telephone assistance to the customer or shop doing work. He's just a downright nice guy.

I learned about Kurt through the Roadfly BMW E32 forum. If you'd like his number PM me and I'll provide.

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