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It is really a shame that due to a really serious misunderstanding about diesel fuel and pollution standards the U.S. is missing and will be missing some of the greatest cars M.B. have ever built:

The local dealer just imported a G400 C.D.I. (Gelandewagen with a 4.0 liter direct-injection V8 diesel). That is the supreme 4x4! Not even the G500 V8 comes close. This new V8 diesel has more torque than the new V12 from Mercedes, with over 1/3 less fuel comsuption.

By the way, an interesting design update: the 2001 Gelandewagens come equipped with a new redesigned dash (mainly based on the instrument cluster, a/c and radio controls from the new 2001 C-Class).

In november they are expecting the first S400 CDI to arrive. If this car can avoid the problems that the 3.5 liter diesel generated, it should the be ultimate Mercedes-Benz to own.

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