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steve hutson
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I just purchased an '87 300dtd with a blown
engine, and in the course of attempting to get
it back on the road, I've discovered that there is a huge amount of misinformation and
a lack of knowledge about these fine diesel
engines that MB built. To wit:

1. Depending on who answers the phone at MBUSA, the trap oxidizer campaign is or isn't
completed(thus you may or may not get this
work paid for)
2. Most shops that I contacted, including
dealers, had no idea what the trap oxidizer
is, much less what the recall actually involved.

Here is what my car got.
Campaign recall# 961121
parts: 124-490-00-47 catalyst
603-140-03-03 pipe elbow
124-490-86-21 exh. pipe
124-490-19-21 exh. pipe
1kit rpl-trap-oxd
603-990-06-05 1 stud
999901-008005 1 nut

The work involved; removing the trap oxidizer,
which was just above the turbo, replacing it
with a cast iron manifold; removing the exhaust system from the turbo to the tailpipe, replacing it with a new exhaust pipe and a catalyst.
I noticed on the invoice that I did't get new muffler hangers! Maybe they were part of the "kit", but MBUSA wouldn't reveal the contents of the "kit" for proprietary reasons.

The biggest lesson in all of this has been thatfor some reason, info concerning M-Bs
is closely held, and is doled out in snippets, strictly on a need to know basis.
I am truly grateful for having found this
website, for it has a wealth of information along with the great commentary!
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