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What about bio-diesel as an alternative
clean fuel ? I know that officially MBZ
does not recommend the use of this with the diesel engine but I've seen
some MBZ 300d wagons advertising their
fuel as biodiesel. It can be bought at
a boat dock in the east bay and
costs a bit more than diesel #2 (although at today's prices, maybe not). I believe it may require a minor modification to engine (very minor).
By bio-diesel I refer to the soybean product.
Well, presidential candidates, get the soy product industry going in America
and boost biodiesel ! (yeah, money and politics).
Dr. Randal von Wedel 510-233-0102
(he printed a book on automobile use of biodiesel). Friendly and very informative guy.
These web sites offer interesting
tech info.
So there, tech talk!!
keep on dieseling.

1979 300D
133K miles
1989 300SE
1995 C280
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