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This is off-topic, but actually, if/when battery technology ever gets to the point where electric cars are economically feasible, they'll have a number of things going for them. They're quieter, cleaner, and electricity is much less expensive than gasoline.
Apples and Oranges I say! The best batteries today still are 200 to 300 times the weight of fuel. Thus 1 lb of gas or diesel will require 300+ lb of batteries! And we are not talking Lead batteries here, those are 1000+ times heavier.
So, accelerate that much weight, carry it safely, and stop it safely, well... you do the math.
ULEV vehicles and Hybrids are the future if you want clean and economic, but those do burn gasoline or diesel.

Also, once cars go electric we will need more powerplants. More powerplants will go up, and the prices of electricity will go up to cope with the demand and the infrastructure of supplying all that electricity. Just look at San Diego, CA. Heck, look at all CA since it is allready crunched for electricity.
Powerplants are highly efficient at converting petrol to electricity but they are not perfect. Considering all the losses a good hybrid will get darn close to the efficiency of the electric plants.

Sorry for getting on my soap box, but people that believe in electric vehicles seem to bet on technology that is further out there then the Mars. Like Mars, we probably will get there but it will be years!

Again, sorry but it seems some tree huggers have their math all wrong.

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