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not the coils

Well, to this point, there are 2 MAF sensors, 1 ECU, 2 coils.

Last evening after approx 1000 miles on the new coils, the car did it again. Same routine. No MIL light.

Floated the car to the dealer. When I went in this morning, the car started and ran fine, no MIL. Service people are getting exasperated. I left to tend to business.

Cancelled my appointments, then went back, got the car out of the shop and drove it until it started to act up again (about an hour), called the dealership and let them know the car was coming in "hot".

We got the car in, on the diagnostics while it was acting up... NO fault codes. The car had a lumpy idle, and had an extremely rich exhaust while it was on the diagnostics.. and a misfire.

The actual running values for the LHSFI units ... approx 30kg/hr fuel(or is this air?) flow at idle for LH1SFI, and approx 300 kg/hr (not a misprint)for LH2SFI at idle.

THe readings for 1 O2 sensor fluctuated all over the map, the other O2 sensor (related to LH2SFI) fluctuated very little and was very slow to change values.

There was NO check engine light.

This is the first time that the car has actually been acting up while the techs were able to diagnose in real time.

Would a faulty O2 sensor have been causing me all this grief?

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