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My insurance company must be getting tired of me. This makes 300D number 3 that was smashed in another hit and run weekend before last. It was a 4X4 truck with a front crash bar that hit me (in the rear, knocked me into car in insurance) so of course, my car is now the remains of an '84 300D.

Now for a replacement. I have found 2 cars of interest.
1. '83 300SD, 190K miles, great paint, service records, Euro delivery with all the badges. New A/C parts. Needs seat spring, just general TLC. Runs well (candidate for valve adjustment).

2. '82 300TD. FULL service records, 160K documented, perfect navy blue leather (2 wrinkles on drivers seat), perfect paint, new A/C hoses, belts, etc.

I like the luxury of the SD, and the '82 123 didn't have all the luxuries of the later models.
Any advise from the pro's on which would be the better choice would DEFINITELY be appreciated! I'm ready to get out of Chevy and back into a BENZ!
Thanks, Robert
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