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So this is just a fuel treatment? On the invoice for the repairs there was $75 in parts and $70 in labor for 'clean injection.' I was assuming that there was more to it than just a gas treatment. I'll have to ask the tech what that's about. I can't see paying someone $70 to pour a can of gas treatment in my tank!!

In any case, the car runs amazing. Drove it from L.A. to San Diego today and had a smile on my face the entire time!

Welp, I just called my tech. He said the treatment was a three part process that takes an hour of shop time and should be done once a year. Apparently the $70 'kit' includes a treatment that gets poured into the throttle body, a treatment that gets sucked in through a vacuum hose, and a treatment that goes in the gas tank. The gas treatment cleans the injectors and the catalyst, the vacuum hose treatment cleans carbon from the cylinders and valves, and the throttle body treatment cleans the intake and the catalyst.
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