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Ok, so I have replaced the Viscous Fan Clutch, Belt, Auto belt tensioner, thermostat works fine, and the coolant has been flushed. All this cost me $1000 and the problems (engine temp and weird voltage issues/current draw) still occur. Radiator and cap, water pump and heater fan motor were changed in March of 2000 so they are not culprits. Now my tech says he is going to change relays and switches for the Aux fans. I SUGGESTED HE DO THOSE FIRST to save money by trying the cheap stuff first, but alas he was confident before that it was the clutch and belt and tensioner causing problems....$h!t, I am wondering what else there is to do....

Someone please advise....could it be the Aux fan motors or the fans thmselves? Also would a power capacitor for my stereo help reduce the current draw/voltage issues??

thank you

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