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Re: I guess that's my point...

Originally posted by tvpierce
For years, Chrysler has offered a 10 year/100K mile warranty on the drivetrains of their new vehicles. While that sounds impressive, what could possibly go wrong with a drivetrain (engine/transmission/axle) in 100K miles

Jeff Pierce
I had a need for this warranty once.
After 5 years and 70 k miles, I grenaded the transmission all over the highway.
Towed the vehicle in, picked it up 3 days later with a new transmission & new transmission ECU.
Signed the workorder for the dealer & left. Never cost me a cent.
Btw. I noticed the total sum on the workorder was $ 2800.00.
Thanks Lee Iacocca.
P.S. that does not mean I endorse Chrysler products, nor would I ever buy another one.
2007 C 230 Sport.
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