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Unhappy Would someone please reply to my threads! Piston help.

Hey guys,

The new water pump was just put on (10:44 pm here in North Carolina) in my backyard by a friend who works for a Mercedes dealer. So there I was, after new leather, new tires, AMG rims, new wood grain, all season mats, thinking that I was finally ready for the ride.

Then he hits me with a beauty. He said that he smelled burned coolant coming from my exhaust, so evidentally the coolant was leaking into something in my engine. Anyway, to make a long story short I have a broken piston or something. If I go to Mercedes it'll cost me like $1400-$1800 but he'll do it for around $600.

I have put so much into this car, I'm just ready to ride in it. Darn, I've only had the thing for two weeks and I have yet to drive it 2 whole miles as of yet.

He told me to think about it and that he'd call me on tomorrow, to see if I wanted to get it fixed. Guys I'm sorry but I am just so hurt right now. There's nothing about a letdown.

Please reply w/ anything you know about "pistons" and my situation of coolant getting in there.

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