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hood-release latch won't open hood on first try!

grrrr, ok, here's the info. The car is a 1990 190E. Lately I the hood-release latch has not been popping the hood when I pull on it! Many months ago I noticed this problem, but it happened seldomly. When it didn't pop the hood on the first pull of the latch, usually the second or third try would. Now it's like I have to pull on it like 20 times, like cranking a car. Sometimes after pulling it 15+ times, I would give it a break and go inside. Later I'd go back and try it again. Then the hood will pop! Anyone know how I can remedy this problem? And id pullung on the hood-release latch repeatedly a BAD thing? Will I damage any mechanical parts or the cable? Thanks! And please help!!!!!
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