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The 107s MB imported into the US in early (all of?) 1972 were equipped with 4.5L engines but were badged 350SL! This has nothing to do with the more attractive, less oppresive (in my opinion) US style bumpers that came out in later years per US mandate. In 1972 the 107s sold in europe had engine options that maxed out at 3.5L.

Dealers in the US were made part of a recal campaign that allowed US "350 SL"s to get rebadged (correctly) 450SL.

The theory for this "mistake" was that MB did not want to allienate their undersized motored Europeans by offering only Americans a 450SL. I have a 1976 letter from MB that explains this.

The correct trunk lid badge depends on the original engine in the car. MB badged the trunk lids with 450SL if the car came equiped with engine numbers starting with 117982-12- and cars that came with engines starting with 116982-12- are correctly badged 350SL.

I have a friend who has an old 107 that was badged by MB Germany with 280SL on the trunk lid! It looks just like my car but the engine is 2.8L and it's a standard trans. He imported his car privately from Germany. He also wants to sell his car (perfect condition).

But what about that ignition rotor in afmcorp's car?
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