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Thanks Gilly,

Just a key? My should be that simple....

I actually had the fear that you mentioned so I made sure that I took all the keys to the dealer. And you are right, the new keys look a bit different than the old key. So I know it wasn't the key.

Now if I can just find a good '97 E320......

Saw a 1993 190E "special edition" for sale. As I understand it, the 2.6 special editions were something to behold (handling, four-place seating, etc.) but not the 2.3s? I have no doubt the owner knows what he is talking about, the car is green (only color for the special editions).

In any case the car has 24,000 miles and the owner is asking $11,800. Seems quite high. Hmmmm, but if the special editions came with the eight hole rims as opposed to the 16 hole rims, it might be worth the premium!

Just a thought from someone with way too much time on his hands........
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