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central locking 85 190e must die

hey folks,

I posted a while back on an electrical drain that many of you were nice enough to help me figure out. It turned out that when I removed a fuse controlling the central locking vac pump I was able to see a significant (almost complete) drop in the drain off of the battery with the car off. I had thought that this would cure the problem. Can't remember which fuse this was, 11 or 12 sounds right but the manual is at the house. So here's the question. I had wanted to just get rid of the central locking mech as it never worked right when car was purchased from PO. But now after removing the fuse when I check the trunk its open, so I lock it and then a day later its open again so I lock it etc. The gas cap never locks anymore which is nice IMO. But the darned pump is still working somehow and I can hear it sucking away at my juice when the car is off still. Drives me crazy and leaves me with a dead battery (the car sits for weeks without being ridden now that the bandit is out). question is are there accesible wires leading to this pump that I can disconnect or cut so that this thing finally dies.

1985 190e 2.3
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