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OK Duke1, take a deep breath and repeat after me..."it's only money, it's only money". Life teaches us lessons. What have you learned from this?

First, you don't spend money on cosmetics until the car is mechanicaly sound.

Second, you don't buy a Mercedes until you've had a competent tech check it out first.

Third, only buy parts from a dealer when there is no other alternative. Click on Parts Shop above for all you part needs.

The good, no great news is, you have a MB tech who is willing to moonlite for you. That's going to save you a TON of money. Treat that guy like gold!

$600 to fix a bad head gasket is pretty darn cheap. If you can muster the cash, fix it and you should be fine.

BTW, you might put your starter on ebay. Also, tell the stealer you'll pay a 20% re-stocking fee. Those greedy b@stards never turn down money.

It'll be OK, and remember, "it's only money"

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