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Cool... I recently drove a new 2001 C200 Kompressor in Germany. Picked it up in Frankfurt, drove down to Sindelfingen, up to Koln and back to Frankfurt. That plus a little Autobahn fun and I managed to put over 1200KM on the car.

In short, it's the best C Class I've driven to date as I've never really liked the previous C Class. This car had the Tiptronic auto, but it's a rental car. It handled very well despite the steel wheels (euro spec) and with the 2.0 liter 4-cylinder Kompressor (rated about 150PS), I managed to get up to speeds in excess of 230kph (142mph)outside of Koln. Even at those speeds, I found the car more stable than some 5-series BMWs I've driven over in Germany as well. Things were going just lovely until a new Porsche blew by doing well over 270kph... show-off.

I have not driven the US versions, but they are spec'd out quite nicely. If I needed another car, one would probably be on the list... then again, my folks are looking for a new car.

Regards, KM
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